Application process: [1] Orientation Seminar

Most of you might be wondering of the process I went through to get this far. Let me give you a brief breakdown of the steps, and how long it usually takes it accomplish all of it. This is what I experienced, and it does not necessarily reflect everything as it is. It may be different from someone else’s experience.

I remember sending my CV early November of 2015, and receiving a response two days after. It was mentioned there that the first round of applicants were already being screened for the final stage which means I will be scheduled for the next batch by February of 2016. I then got an invitation to attend the orientation seminar at around the second week of January. I was so relieved it didn’t coincide with my scheduled trip to Singapore from 19-21. Thank God.

The day was Wednesday. It was February 3, and of course I don’t want to be late. It was clearly stressed out in the invite that latecomers will not be entertained. And since I lived quite far from the city where it will be held, I left three hours prior the schedule. I was supposed to be there by 10 am, I left at roughly 6:45. And traffic was not at its worst that day, guess I was lucky. I arrived half past nine, and to my surprise, there were already a lot of people. I even thought I misread the time and that I was already late for the 9 am call time. But it wasn’t. These people were just thinking like me, too. Better late than never, eh?

While I was signing up in the registration, I saw a familiar face. And oh, it was my former colleague! I quickly called her name, and good thing she recognized me. It was a few years ago since we met. Thank you, facebook. She immediately went up to me and chatted. She was also surprised to see me there. She also told me that two of her colleagues are also coming and she asked me to join their group. She introduced me to them and it was an easy connection. They seem to be friendly and nice. We seated beside each other, all four of us in the seminar. And woah, there were so many attendees. I didn’t quite expect it. If my math is correct, that would be more than a hundred people in that room. Some had to stand up at the back for a while, because no more chairs were available.

And then  the seminar started. At first, I can’t quite understand what the speaker was talking about. He was Irish and he talks real fast. His accent is okay, albeit unrecognizable. It took me a while to fully grasp his meaning. And then the slides of the presentation flashed before me. It made a whole lot of sense. It became easier for us to understand. I was assuming, of course, that most of us cannot fully understand what he said earlier. Anyhow, the information presented were very insightful and relevant. I found it easier to convince myself that I want this job. Apart from the financial burden, I think I can make it. I think I want to pursue this until the end. And I made a decision back then: I will do this.


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