The big news!

I can never forget the date. It was July 11, 2016 at around 09:15 PM.

I am usually asleep at this time but since it is my rest day the following day, I was still awake. I remember sending a message to my friend that we cannot proceed with the next day’s activities as I am not feeling well. Right after sending it, my phone beeped. And I expected it was her reply. But alas! It was the call I’ve been waiting for!

YES! I got confirmation that my video demonstration passed the strict standards of the school’s Board of Education. I still can’t believe it. First thing that the boss mouthed was ‘Hey, congratulations! You made it. You are approved by the BOE and you are bound for Japan by 2017.’ Oh, and my mind was spinning and grasping the reality. Is this for real? Is my dream finally coming true? Indeed, it is.

I tried to regain my senses and focused on what he was saying. He asked me to start with the most important documents that takes awhile to process. He also told me to sign an agreement and to look for a driving school the soonest. My head was so full and I abruptly got confused on which one to do first. He then ended the call with a congratulatory remark and bid me goodbye.

I put the phone down and heaved a deep sigh. I can’t contain my excitement. I jumped and shrieked (minimally, since it is already late at night) and went right away to my mother who was waiting there. She heard everything. And she was happy and sad for me. But we both knew it is for the best.

And today is the start of a big journey. Something that I long wanted, and kept me striving harder. I sure know there are a lot of obstacles but I will persevere.

Let me take you along this adventure every step of the way.




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