Application Process: [2] Personality Profiling, Accent & Grammar Tests

Towards the end of the seminar, we were approached by some staff and asked for our availability next week. This is regarding the personality profiling, accent & grammar tests. Lucky for me, I found another slot on a Wednesday. If I haven’t mentioned yet, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my rest days. I obviously signed my name on that day at 10 am. Yes, it was the same time as the seminar. I bid goodbye to my new found friends and we all wished ourselves the best of luck.

Come Wednesday. Just like last time, I prepared early and set off at quarter to seven in the morning. But this time is wayyyyy different from last. The traffic was at its worst. Imagine being stuck in one spot for roughly twenty-five minutes! It could have been more, not if I hadn’t made the decision to jump off and took the train instead. It took me quite a while to do that, considering that I know the trains are full as well and I know it is going to be tough. But hey, do I even have a choice? And to top all that, I need to pee! Huh, talk about worst-case scenario. For some reason, I can’t seem to find any fast food (where I usually frequent at times like this) that I can run to. Oh, gahd. I hated myself suddenly. I tried to recall if I drank too much water. I thought I didn’t. Or did I? Damn. Such a waste of time to look for the loo, so I kept it in for God knows how long. I finally (after what felt like eternity) found one in the train station, but it took me 10-20 minutes before going in because of the queue. Anyhow, to make this journey short, I arrived in the office at exactly 10:00:00 am. To say that I was short of breath would be an understatement. I felt like I was running for my life, and that a big, bad wolf was after me.

Good thing the exam hasn’t started yet. But of course, all participants were already there, relaxed and ready. Good for them. Me? I was still gasping for air and fanning myself. After a couple of minutes, I finally recovered and started chatting with the girl beside me. She said she was from this far-flung area and that she traveled almost five hours just to come there. Just to take the test. Okay. So am I complaining? No, absolutely not. She probably suffered some adrenaline-pumping action like me, for all I know. Then one girl asked all of us to practice the reading part of the test. She had the copy of passage and handed it to us. After heavy prodding, each one of us read the passage aloud. I instantly noticed who got the accent I preferred. Just one, actually. The rest sounded localized to me. Or maybe my standards are too high. Maybe.

Then one of the staff came in and handed out the test papers. This is it! The first stage of it all. Quick rundown:

[1] personality profile test – it’s more of an assessment of your overall attitude and personality, especially during different classroom scenarios [2] grammar- it is what you would expect but shorter, 10 items or so only [3] spelling-  although this wasn’t mentioned previously, it was okay. it’s one my favorites, so yeah it was easy for me, [4] accent test- this was the part where we had to read a passage aloud. This was one of the reasons why I passed the entirety, I think. The interviewer mentioned to me several times during the interview that I had a very good accent and that I sound so natural. I cannot even count it honestly.

So there, the test was done in almost an hour and we all went home. We all wished each other the best of luck and hope to see each other soon. In the airport perhaps? I don’t know. I sure hope to see one of them soon though. I fell asleep as soon as I boarded the bus. Yeah, I was so tired, and quite relieved. I finished the first stage. Off to the waiting part…


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