Hong Kong preps

And it’s finally happening! We are all having our first trip abroad. Yes, it is our first time – all three of us. That’s me and my two other colleagues, to which I consider now my official travel buddies.

We have been choosing whether to go to Hong Kong or Singapore first, but after much research, I decided to choose Hong Kong. Two basic reasons are: cost and proximity. But of course, Singapore would follow next. Soon enough!

Anyhow, I spotted a good seat sale online.I made a few calls. After getting their details and approval, I immediately booked flights and voila. It’s a done deal.

confirm 2


Next, I called my friend who works in a travel agency. Me and my friends have long decided that, since this is our first trip overseas, we’d be getting a tour package. But since it’s hard to trust nowadays, I have chosen a credible agency I knew about. We were given an array of choices (whether to go to Macau or Shenzhen, China as a side trip), several hotels, with or without breakfast (buffet, nonetheless!), etc. I made the final arrangements, deposited the payment, and received the voucher the next day.


Everything’s settled! Yay! Now off to packing our bags..And oh, let me show you a preview of our first few minutes in Hong Kong. Enjoy!


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