Hong Kong Disneyland

Right after dropping our bags at the hotel, we headed straight to the MTR, off to the final station, which was especially customized for Disneyland.


I was excited to be there, because Mickey Mouse (my favorite character) is literally everywhere. It was super cute!



We waited for a few minutes to board the train. And I was surprised to see that there were a lot of people. It was a Monday. Aren’t they supposed to be at work? I was wishing there would be a few of us there, so we wouldn’t waste time queuing.  But I was wrong.

Anyhow, few minutes passed. And we finally arrived! I can see it even from the inside. As we approached, several people, mostly children, crowded in the exits eager to go out of the train. We let them out first, and we followed through. And the feeling was unexplainable. Sorry if I felt like a child back then. I can’t help it.

And yes, I finally was able to take a photo in this famous backdrop, albeit many photo-bombers. I am quite sure I became a photo-bomber in their photos, too.


Long story short, we had lots of fun. It was scorchingly hot, but the fun outweighed it. We managed to ride at least eight (if my mind serves me correctly) in total, not including the street shows and theater performances. I specifically enjoyed the Lilo & Stitch Encounter, Jungle Cruise, and Grizzly Cars. There must be more but I can’t recall all of it now. The worst parts? First, I lost my camera somewhere in Mystic Land. I reported it to the City Hall-Lost & Found counter, while I asked my friends to roam around. They obliged at first, but came back to me right away as they were worried we’d not locate each other later on when it’s already dark. Since no one has returned any camera that matches my description yet, I was asked to leave my contact number (I gave our hotel’s local landline). Around half past nine I think when I received the call that someone returned a camera matching my description. I was sooooo relieved! Thank God again, for this miracle. Finally, we didn’t catch the Fantasy Parade and fireworks! We were already so tired so we opted to go home at around 7pm. I know, I know. We must have missed a lot. But all of us agreed that it’s already time to go. And oh, should I say that the only thing we ate the entire day was a hotdog sandwich, ice cream, and loads of water. I cannot count how many times we refilled our plastic bottles in the drinking station. I told you it was really hot.

6.jpgWe frequented this place a lot. Haha ^^


We arrived at around 9PM in the hotel, dead-tired and starved. We heated some water and prepared cup noodles. We also ate some left over sandwiches and biscuits. I remembered I ate two cups of noodles and two bowls of fruit cereals. We chatted and prepared our things for the next day as we have an early call time. We have to be at the buffet restaurant at 7AM. That means waking up around 6 or 7AM. After watching some TV shows (which we cannot understand), we all drifted to sleep. Well, I was the first one to.

All in all, it was a fruitful and enjoyable day. Off to our next itinerary!



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