Macau side trip

As I have mentioned on my previous post, we decided to do a side trip to Macau. I am not that interested in Shenzhen…so maybe in another time.

We boarded the ferry a little after 12 lunch time. We just bought some food at 7-11 and off we went. We all ate it once inside the ferry. It’s a one-hour ride. Upon finishing immigration, we were given a slip of paper as proof of our stay. We were told to keep it for use later. We were greeted by a representative of the tour services we availed.

First on the the list was The Fisherman’s Wharf.




The Macau Fisherman’s Wharf is a waterfront integrated, hotel, convention, dining, retail and entertainment complex. It is located at Freguesia da Sé in Macau Peninsula, near the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier. There was no entrance fee when we went there and all the stores were closed. I heard it opens during early night time until dawn.

Next, of course is probably one of the most popular spots in Macau. And most photographed, too! No less than St. Paul Ruins.


There were so many people that day, locals and tourists alike it seemed.


Can we miss the infamous egg tarts? Of course, not. And yeah, it was sooo good!! 🙂

Egg Tart.jpg

I wish I could’ve brought home more of these. Yum! 🙂

There were also several temples nearby, so we opted to take a look. Here’s one of them. It’s called the Na-cha temple.


After taking tons of pictures, off we went to a local souvenir shop. Our guide was really helpful along the way, as she was sharing stuff and some history while on the road. You may check it out here.We all bought T-shirts (I ❤ Macau!), keychains, and some local delicacies. My buddies bought some lucky charms. Good thing they brought their credit cards. Our saving grace!

Last dropping point was in The Venetian. We were instructed to take the free buses to go to other casinos around the area. Cool! But the downside? At this time, all our camera’s batteries were very low. I guess we were too preoccupied taking too many pictures from earlier. Can’t blame. There were too many scenic spots. Anyhow, we resorted to our phones. My friend’s iPhone got the best resolution, although it’s almost dying as well. Duh.

Well, oh well, we managed to snap a few photos. Like, really few. .




We also went to the Grand Lisboa, V Aquarium in City of Dreams, Galaxy, and Sands. There was so much more, but it’s practically the same inside, so we went back to Hong Kong at around 9PM. Whew. That was a long day.



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