Royal View Hotel – Hong Kong

One crucial aspect of travelling is your hotel. Or wherever you are staying. Although you would only be there for a couple of nights, it is necessary to choose one of your liking. Proximity, cost, convenience, and access to train/bus stations are just some of the considerations. For us, the cost takes the highest spot.

After reading all of the reviews online, we have decided to choose one of the cheapest there is: ROYAL VIEW HOTEL. Main reason it’s cheap is because it is located far away from the city, although it is near Disneyland and the airport. We don’t have a problem with that anyway. There are no big hotels nearby, just the usual residential apartments and small buildings. There was a beach too, but we didn’t bother going.

We were given the mountain view room. I initially wondered if we can actually see the mountains from there. Not much, actually. It was mostly the beach I told you about. Still nice, though.

The size of the room was pretty good, well enough for us. There was one additional bed in place, too.


The bed sheet and linens were clean and smelled good. The room was clean, and there were two bottles water (replenished thrice), several coffee sachets, tea bags and creamer.


In the shower room and toilet, there was free shampoo, hand & body soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. There were only two sets of those, so one of us in the group had to use her own stuff.



Fresh towels were also provided. All three clean fabrics. They all smelled good to me. Good thing it was replenished at least twice.

The verdict? I would recommend it to anyone who’s on a budget. The rooms were clean and amenities were complete. There were several restaurants and stores inside. However, if you’d like to explore the city further, it would be best to keep searching. I am sure you could also find a similar hotel, albeit a tad costly.

Here are other points to consider:

  • The staff were all welcoming, friendly, accommodating, and speaks good English (especially the receptionists). There was one point when we had to borrow an adapter and they quickly obliged.
  • The general ambiance, vibe, and entrance lobby looks refreshing.
  • There are sofas in the lobby, near the elevators, that serves as a waiting lounge as well.
  • There was a spot for the luggages in case you cannot check-in yet. It is for free and is guarded by one of the staff.
  • They have a service bus that connects the hotel’s clients to the nearest train station. Round-trip fare costs $5. It used to be free of charge, though. You basically have no choice because it is  impossible to walk. The ride takes roughly 5-10 minutes. There is short waiting time, as there are many buses available.
  • The buffet restaurant was epic! For an additional $120, we got a two-day unlimited buffet (included in our tour package). The array of food was a feast to the eyes. There were so  much to choose from, and I believe it’s good until lunch. We maximized the one-hour limit (7-9AM) and were really full when we finished. There is a restroom on the same floor, so no need to worry.
  • You will be given two keycards. One is for the door; one is for the light and facilities inside the room. You can request for two more for free, if necessary.
  • The deposited cash upon checking-in was returned on time.
  • The staff were prompt and quick to respond to inquiries.


So there. Hope the pointers here will be helpful. 🙂



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