Kowloon City Tour

On our second day, we joined the city tour organized by our agency. We were in a group of ten people, mostly Asians. Our friendly tour guide was the same guy who greeted us yesterday at the airport when we arrived. We just finished our hefty breakfast buffet when he arrived. It was okay, as we were able to rest during the bus ride. We were also given free bottles of water on board.

We traveled for almost half an hour before we arrived at our destination. There was minimal traffic and I noticed it’s unusually hot again. At first, what we saw were trees, long bridges, and then the residential houses, then the skyscrapers. I enjoyed the most when we were at the shopping district because there were so many sights to behold. Although I cannot understand  most of what’s written, I was still amazed of the fantastic views. We kept taking photos and videos.

First stop: Avenue of Stars. Well, you and me both know what to expect here. I wasn’t that interested but looked around as well. There were a lot of construction around and the smell was pungent. I didn’t quite like it. Nonetheless, the skyline was great.


I was able to watch a few of Lee’s movies. It’s a shame he was gone too soon. He could’ve made more movies. My favorite is Jackie Chan, though. I love his sense of humor. Anyhow, we went back to our bus after 40 minutes. Next stop: the chocolate and jewelry factory (which happens to be both in the same building). Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures so there’s nothing I can show you. But one thing I can say, they were so good at negotiating and pitching. One of my buddies got ‘tricked’ into buying one box of choc and a set of earrings (which for me is rather expensive). She paid all of it in card, anyway.

Last stop was at the T Galleria, one of the biggest shopping malls in Hong Kong. It wasn’t great for me, as there are many shopping malls of similar size and grandeur in my home country. But we walked around, nonetheless. We were also given a chance to go outside and toured the other quaint shops or wherever we please. We managed to buy a few goodies, souvenirs, and food to bring with us to Macau. Oh yes, this is just a half-day tour. Part of our package is the half-day trip to Macau.

We met our guide and the others at a spot nearby and discussed the next stop. Ours is to Macau; the others would be off to Disneyland (which we already did yesterday), and Ocean Park (which we didn’t include in ours, as I don’t fancy sea creatures). We bid goodbye for a bit to our mates, and were dropped off at the ferry terminal. We were given our one-way tickets. Again, it’s included in the package. We were instructed to buy the return ticket in the next terminal.

Wondering what we did in Macau? Read on! 😀


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