Portuguese Egg Tarts

Probably one of the  best custard desserts I have tried are the infamous Portuguese egg tarts of Macau. No wonder majority of the tourists flock at the Senado Square for a taste of this. With so many stores to choose from, you will definitely have a difficult time. But the wait is all worth it, that I guarantee.

Two of the most visited shops would be Lord Stow’s Bakery and Koi Kei. Best eaten when hot! It was a dollar apiece. I guess we saved a lot when we bought a big box and divided it amongst ourselves.

Ingredients include, but not limited to, egg white, milk, honey-egg, and sugar. There are variations of the traditional milk or egg custard, whichever you prefer. I have also seen some flavored ones like chocolate, cinnamon and matcha (green-tea) sets.


You can also find several types of egg tarts somewhere in Asia, especially Hong Kong. I haven’t tried those so I cannot compare. I may have to taste it myself to see which one is the best. But you may check out the stores of Lord Stow in Japan and the Philippines, and might as well grab yourself a box of this delicious dessert. Bon appetit!


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