Nasi Lemak of Malaysia

It was already past lunch time when we realized we are starving. We only had cereals and a cupcake that morning, I remembered. And since the price of restaurants inside Universal Studios are ridiculously high, we decided to look for affordable options outside. Then we found Malaysian Food Street. Although we are not sure if it is indeed authentic, we tried it nonetheless.


Once inside, we saw a lot of people eating. It was pretty much like your normal food court, albeit bigger. There was a long line of food stalls, with cheap eats ranging from $7 and up. There is a variety of cuisines to choose from:  Thai, Indian, Chinese, Singaporean, and of course, Malaysian.We had some real difficulty choosing which one to eat. But alas, we found one with less queueing and a very tempting aroma.

Nasi Lemak is a popular dish in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and South of Thailand. It is also considered the national dish of Malaysia. It is usually composed of: rice (cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves), sambal, anchovies, boiled egg, roasted peanuts and some slices of cucumber. It is best eaten on a banana leaf for a more traditional sense.


The verdict? I loved the garlic chicken and roasted peanuts the most. The sweet aroma of the coconut rice was appetizing. The hint of spice brought about by sambal evened out the crispiness of the chicken and anchovies.The cucumbers and peanuts are a perfect way to finish off your meal.

What are you waiting for? Look out for the nearest Malaysian restaurant you can find and see for yourself. Or might as well make one of your own. I am sure it will be equally delicious!


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