The Klook Experience

Before I go and travel, I always make sure to do my research. A part of it includes making reservations to amusement parks, museums, and the like. Then I stumbled into one site that was mentioned several times by many users: Klook. They all gave positive feedback about it and assured readers it is legit. Yes, that’s one major concern for everything that you do online. How do you know if it’s real? Well, it won’t hurt to ask a few people on how it went out for them. Check out blogs (like this ;)). But do make sure they are reliable and credible to begin with. They must have the information and actual documents to prove authenticity.

I started off by comparing the price they offered against other online sites. They turned out to be one of the cheapest, not the cheapest. Not bad, though. I was thinking if it was too low, it might be more risky. You know, too good to be true. And after some inquiry and further readings, I made up my mind. I will try it!

I initially booked for two tickets to Universal Studios. Then, I followed it up with the cable car. I found it both amusing. Anyhow, after several verification (which I honestly think is good), I was able to reserve a total of four tickets.


We paid the amount of S$164 using a credit card. In less than 24 hours, we got this by email:



And then I was wondering, where are the tickets? Oh, it was in the spam mail! Goodness, I thought I was scammed (just for a bit).



The verdict? The transaction was hassle-free and went smoothly. We simply gave the papers to the staff on the turnstiles and were immediately given access. Same thing with the cable car, although it took us five years (!) to locate the redemption counter. Thing is, the Vivo City mall was still closed at that time. It was a little over 7AM, I think. That is why we had to go around and find another entrance up ahead to the 3rd floor where the counter is. We got lost in translation after several attempts to ask directions, too. Whew. But all’s well that ends well, as what they say. When it was our turn to get in the cable car, we did not have an inch of a problem. So again, I am recommending this website. It is LEGIT. And we had a really memorable experience. I will definitely use it again for my future travels.

I am inviting you now! Go ahead and click here! Enjoy!


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