Vol. 1

I have decided to jump on the bandwagon, albeit late.  I have read and seen a lot of this recently, but I have been contemplating whether to join or not. Well, let me give it a try.

READING  other blogs that I am following, plus an email from my boss

WRITING  this post

LISTENING  to my coworkers ranting about our job. (yes, I am working on a Sunday)



THINKING of what to do on Thursday. I have an extra rest day!

SMELLING  the yakisoba from the next room

WISHING  that I can take a longer vacation soon

WEARING  a pullover on a rainy day

LOVING  the fact that it’s almost (my) weekend! Rawrrrrrrr


WANTING  to relax and …. eat more!


FEELING  cold. My pullover isn’t helping much. To think this isn’t winter yet.



There you have it. My first in the series. Hopefully I can keep up with this! 😉
Have a great Sunday everyone!

Join The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathornton!


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