My A-Z of Bucket List 2017

Yes, you read that right: 2017.

For the past year, I felt like I was too focused at work. I kind of forgot to enjoy life and what it has to offer. I simply bounced along. But then I saw this:


I realized it’s never too late to do something new. A new day presents another chance to change things. And since the bucket list challenge has been a thing for a long time now, I decided to blog my list online. I will be constantly updating this, as necessary.

A – ttend a beach party. It sounds like real fun.

B – ake a blueberry cheesecake, or any other cheesecake for that matter

C – uddle up with a special someone next to the fireplace, while sipping hot chocolate ♥

D – onate clothes that I am not using anymore; design my own house

E – mbrace imperfection ♥

F – ix my bedroom. Or fall in love. SOON. ♥

G – et married. SOON. ♥

H – ug a real panda. I adore them.


I – ncrease my stamina and weight

J – oin a charity and sponsor a child’s education

K – iss someone special in the rain ♥

L – earn another language. Now working on my Nihongo skills. Please don’t ask my level.

M – ove to another country permanently. A] Japan, B] Canada, C] Austria, D] Finland. Suggestions anyone??? 

N – eglect negative people. They keep coming.

O – pen my own business. Torn between a cafe or restaurant. Or both??

P- ublish my own book

Q – uit procrastinating.

R – ead more books.

S – ee Santa Claus! Impossible? ……..Okay, how about skinny-dipping??  Or stargazing?!


T – ake my mom on the vacation of her dreams.

U – nleash my hidden potential.

V – isit the top 10 tourist spots

W – atch fireworks at Disneyland/Disney World; watch my favorite boyband in concert; watch Adele live

X – Can I skip this? Pretty please? ………………………….Thanks 🙂

Y- ell at the top of the mountain. YOLO!

Z – iplining


What’s yours? I’d love to see how it goes for you and for me. Good luck!




God’s Will — word and silence

Such a thought-provoking, engaging and worthy read. I thought I might share it with you.

When something happens to us or to others and we say it is God’s will, so often we aren’t just saying God meant for that to happen, but that it happened for a reason we know and can discern. As a result, an illusory structure—along with many unsupportable assumptions—is thrown over our life, and the […]

via God’s Will — word and silence

Pizza Pandesal

It’s been quite a while since I last made this. Our oven was broken and it took few months to buy a new one. Now that I am free, I decided to do one of my all-time favorites: pizza. But with a twist! Instead of the usual crust that can be bought in supermarkets, I opted to use a local bread pandesal.


The dough for this traditional bread is rolled to achieve a pillow-soft texture, and then dusted with bread crumbs prior to baking. It is a popular breakfast staple, usually dipped in hot chocolate or coffee. Others prefer putting peanut butter, cream cheese, or strawberry jam.

The toppings are pretty much the same as your average pizza. It’s now up to you to customize according to your liking. Mine goes like this:

slices of SPAM
pineapple chunks
store-bought pizza sauce
grated cheese
diced carrots
onion rings
potato cubes


For starters, preheat the toaster for at least 2-3 minutes. Toast the bread for a minute and spread the sauce on top.

Afterwards, you may add in your toppings (mine were potato cubes, onions, carrots, pineapple bits, and slices of SPAM.) And of course, do not forget the cheese. I like mine pretty much covered, though. Toast again for 3-5 minutes, until cheese melts. By the way, I use a minimum of 8 pandesals (8 x 2 = 16 mini pizzas) for this. You can also make pizza loaves, if you want it bigger. See picture below:


Photo taken from

So what do you think? Anyone can make this anytime, with minimum cost. Best part is you can create or innovate your own style. Any topping is acceptable, as long as it’s edible. Try it now!

Train To Busan

Okay. Let me start this off by saying I am no professional critic. I am simply relaying my two-cents on a recent hit that left us all in awe. Yes, up until this moment, everyone around me is still talking about it.

I first saw its trailer on my feed. I wouldn’t bother looking at it, if not for the familiar actor Gong Yoo. Oh, zombies. My fave. Have I already mentioned I am a BIG fan of TWD aka The Walking Dead? I watched every season, every episode, for as many times as I can recall. But this one’s different. It’s a movie, and it’s Asian!

I checked Rotten Tomatoes and saw the 93% rating. I read the commentaries and got more curious. So I went off to watch.

My reaction afterwards?



Yeah. I was still wiping off the tears on my face while walking out. It’s also worth noting that the entire audience gave a standing ovation when the movie ended. The first time I saw this was when I watched MJ’s This Is It concert-drama roughly 7 years ago. I mean, it was really something to be applauded for. And Train to Busan, too.

Inspite my friends and colleagues strong recommendations, I did not expect much from this film. I guess I was pretty much used to the creatures I wasn’t thinking there could be more to it. TWD’s walkers ain’t that fast, they don’t change that fast, and their bodies ain’t that contorted (if you know what I mean). The zombies in this film behave in an uncanny way, almost like Sadako. It was frightening and funny at the same time. I was amazed with the way they growled and snarled their way out on others, akin to wild dogs.

Story-wise, the plot was almost like World War Z’s, a divorced father trying to make amends with his daughter. Chaos starts on the train to Busan (hence the title) where, unfortunately, it all began. One thing I really liked are the different wave of emotions you will feel the entire time; be it sad, hatred, relief, fear, worry, and everything else. It’s a ride of terror mixed with superb entertainment. Just don’t mind reading the subtitles all throughout, though.

WARNING – SPOILER ALERT!!! I was really saddened when major characters were killed off, but I know it’s all part of the story. I was thinking if they’re planning on a sequel, then the leads should still be alive. But the director’s got a different plan, I guess.

My final verdict: It definitely was a big surprise to come out in recent years, amidst all the sequels, adaptations, prequels, remakes, and what-have-you these days. I’m glad I didn’t miss the chance to see this. And you should, too.



What to do now???

I have thought of posting about this many times, but I would always end up discarding the drafts. Truth is, I don’t even know what to ask help for or how to explain it. For some, they might think it’s some petty issue. But it’s big deal for me.

What’s running on my mind now…


My apologies if some stuff here would seem convoluted for you, but that’s the best way I can sum everything up. 

If you have read my first few posts here, you would know by now that I got accepted in this teaching gig in Japan. I should say I am experienced for the job, but not for the ‘new life’ it offers. Sure, I want to work abroad. Who wouldn’t? I initially was too overjoyed of this fact, that I dismissed the underlying factors that might come with it. And seriously, I am now considering the idea of backing out. Why?

I have recently started processing some documents. I know, I know. Everyone’s been telling me it would be tedious, complicated, expensive, blah, blah. But honestly, I didn’t expect it to be this complex. I was losing hope, patience and vigor to continue. I even called my employer once, declaring this thought. I was glad they pushed me further, gave advice on what to do, but it doesn’t seem enough. At the moment, I am trying my best to focus at work. I don’t want it to disrupt me, or worse, destroy my mood.

I have met quite a few people saying the same thing; that I shouldn’t give up, and that it’s all part of the journey, and that it would all be worth it in the end. But h ow can I even know that? It is too much to bear right now. I know I shouldn’t be making sudden decisions when I am emotional because I might regret it after. But really, how easy is it to say that? I used to advise the same  thing, but now I don’t know if I can do it myself.

To say it is difficult would be an understatement. Being away from my family for a minimum of a year makes my heart ache. I know this was bound to happen when I submitted my CV, but I was thinking of the benefits we would all be reaping if I do make it. But was it really worth it?



I shared this to my coworker in hopes of getting a sound advice. She said the very thing I don’t want to hear at this moment. I told her I have thought of quitting many times, but she herself failed getting the very job I was offered. Imagine her disgust at my ‘would-be’ decision. She said I am missing a big opportunity. It’s true, of course. But maybe it’s not for me. Or is it? 

And now I don’t know what to do. I am off to the final few steps, and it might be crazy to stop this far. I don’t want to, really. But it’s like I’m being pushed to the edge. After all the time spent, money wasted on some sheets of nonsense(at least for me) paper, and what-not, I will be throwing it all away in the window. Was I to blame? Partly, yes. I let my inner self get the better of me again. And I hate myself for that. I was scrambling way too fast, and in a way, making the process longer. Ugh.

Thank you for reading this far. I don’t want to make this more lengthy as it should be, I just wanted to vent out. That’s the purpose of blogs, right? Okay, maybe vent wouldn’t be the best word. Let me rephrase: I just wanted to share my thoughts. Maybe someone out there can relate to me, and give me serious advice or suggestion. Anything is welcome. Thank you once again.

Thought for the day



Vol. 2


Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I just saw the book after a long time while I was decluttering  my mini bookshelf. The feels all over again! I remember seeing the movie first (with the ever-dashing Channing) then reading the book after. I’ve read it quite a few times, but enjoyed just the same.

My book cover is the same by the way 

some notes for my report. Not school report — but work report. We’ll have a short meeting later so I need to prep up.

to Charlie Puth’s songs….especially Marvin Gaye! Played it for the nth time now. Just lovin it!

about another long vacation. I will be using my remaining leave & sick credits before it expires. Torn between doing some documentation or relaxation.

my breakfast/lunch. Yep, I’m having my quick fix while typing this. Already had milk cereals earlier but I don’t know. I’m still starving.

Brekkie for today: beef meatballs with french fries

for a pleasant schedule today. There’s some incentive for that, too.

to watch Train to Busan tomorrow (after work that is)! Everyone’s talking about it and I simply can’t wait. Read some reviews online and so far, so good. And oh, I honestly think Gong Yoo is one, fine man.


a lime green shirt, red jeans, and black cardigan. A little warm in here, though.

to go shopping! I badly need new jeans. Really!

more cash for some papers I am processing. It feels like a lifetime. Can it end sooner?


happy, simply because this whole week had been really productive. And the fact that I’m going to have my fave nilagang baka later?? Happiness 🙂

Happy Sunday, lovies!

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Sentosa  Island

It’s true. This island is awesomely huge. You could probably visit and enjoy all attractions in three days (or maybe two). Well, it’s my assumption. Me and my buddy decided we’d only take the cable car and go to the most-visited place, Universal Studios!

Although we encountered some difficulty locating the ticket counter, we eventually found our way and easily exchanged our vouchers. Let me tell you that I AM acrophobic (extreme fear of heights). And as they say, face your fear. Okay, I thought of this many, many times. I told myself I wouldn’t EVER ride rollercoasters and the like, but this is different (I hope). I will just try.



The entire “trip” took only 15 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime for me. You know what I’m talking about, right? But I survived! Should I rejoice? Maybe. I halfheartedly enjoyed the spectacular view from our seats. I was screaming for a while, then I kept talking to myself. I can do this, I can do this. And I did, I guess.

After that excruciating, nerve-wracking, and gut-wrenching (at least for me) experience, we walked along the crowd. We saw Madame Tussauds along the way, but only took a pic outside.



Then, we were instructed to take the monorail going to USS. It was really cute.



Finally, we’re almost there! But first….


And who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially Hershey’s?!? I bet.



We saw the big Universal globe. Again, one of those famous backdrops. Tell you more on my next post! 😉