Vol. 2


Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I just saw the book after a long time while I was decluttering  my mini bookshelf. The feels all over again! I remember seeing the movie first (with the ever-dashing Channing) then reading the book after. I’ve read it quite a few times, but enjoyed just the same.

My book cover is the same by the way 

some notes for my report. Not school report — but work report. We’ll have a short meeting later so I need to prep up.

to Charlie Puth’s songs….especially Marvin Gaye! Played it for the nth time now. Just lovin it!

about another long vacation. I will be using my remaining leave & sick credits before it expires. Torn between doing some documentation or relaxation.

my breakfast/lunch. Yep, I’m having my quick fix while typing this. Already had milk cereals earlier but I don’t know. I’m still starving.

Brekkie for today: beef meatballs with french fries

for a pleasant schedule today. There’s some incentive for that, too.

to watch Train to Busan tomorrow (after work that is)! Everyone’s talking about it and I simply can’t wait. Read some reviews online and so far, so good. And oh, I honestly think Gong Yoo is one, fine man.


a lime green shirt, red jeans, and black cardigan. A little warm in here, though.

to go shopping! I badly need new jeans. Really!

more cash for some papers I am processing. It feels like a lifetime. Can it end sooner?


happy, simply because this whole week had been really productive. And the fact that I’m going to have my fave nilagang baka later?? Happiness 🙂

Happy Sunday, lovies!

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