Train To Busan

Okay. Let me start this off by saying I am no professional critic. I am simply relaying my two-cents on a recent hit that left us all in awe. Yes, up until this moment, everyone around me is still talking about it.

I first saw its trailer on my feed. I wouldn’t bother looking at it, if not for the familiar actor Gong Yoo. Oh, zombies. My fave. Have I already mentioned I am a BIG fan of TWD aka The Walking Dead? I watched every season, every episode, for as many times as I can recall. But this one’s different. It’s a movie, and it’s Asian!

I checked Rotten Tomatoes and saw the 93% rating. I read the commentaries and got more curious. So I went off to watch.

My reaction afterwards?



Yeah. I was still wiping off the tears on my face while walking out. It’s also worth noting that the entire audience gave a standing ovation when the movie ended. The first time I saw this was when I watched MJ’s This Is It concert-drama roughly 7 years ago. I mean, it was really something to be applauded for. And Train to Busan, too.

Inspite my friends and colleagues strong recommendations, I did not expect much from this film. I guess I was pretty much used to the creatures I wasn’t thinking there could be more to it. TWD’s walkers ain’t that fast, they don’t change that fast, and their bodies ain’t that contorted (if you know what I mean). The zombies in this film behave in an uncanny way, almost like Sadako. It was frightening and funny at the same time. I was amazed with the way they growled and snarled their way out on others, akin to wild dogs.

Story-wise, the plot was almost like World War Z’s, a divorced father trying to make amends with his daughter. Chaos starts on the train to Busan (hence the title) where, unfortunately, it all began. One thing I really liked are the different wave of emotions you will feel the entire time; be it sad, hatred, relief, fear, worry, and everything else. It’s a ride of terror mixed with superb entertainment. Just don’t mind reading the subtitles all throughout, though.

WARNING – SPOILER ALERT!!! I was really saddened when major characters were killed off, but I know it’s all part of the story. I was thinking if they’re planning on a sequel, then the leads should still be alive. But the director’s got a different plan, I guess.

My final verdict: It definitely was a big surprise to come out in recent years, amidst all the sequels, adaptations, prequels, remakes, and what-have-you these days. I’m glad I didn’t miss the chance to see this. And you should, too.




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