My A-Z of Bucket List 2017

Yes, you read that right: 2017.

For the past year, I felt like I was too focused at work. I kind of forgot to enjoy life and what it has to offer. I simply bounced along. But then I saw this:


I realized it’s never too late to do something new. A new day presents another chance to change things. And since the bucket list challenge has been a thing for a long time now, I decided to blog my list online. I will be constantly updating this, as necessary.

A – ttend a beach party. It sounds like real fun.

B – ake a blueberry cheesecake, or any other cheesecake for that matter

C – uddle up with a special someone next to the fireplace, while sipping hot chocolate ♥

D – onate clothes that I am not using anymore; design my own house

E – mbrace imperfection ♥

F – ix my bedroom. Or fall in love. SOON. ♥

G – et married. SOON. ♥

H – ug a real panda. I adore them.


I – ncrease my stamina and weight

J – oin a charity and sponsor a child’s education

K – iss someone special in the rain ♥

L – earn another language. Now working on my Nihongo skills. Please don’t ask my level.

M – ove to another country permanently. A] Japan, B] Canada, C] Austria, D] Finland. Suggestions anyone??? 

N – eglect negative people. They keep coming.

O – pen my own business. Torn between a cafe or restaurant. Or both??

P- ublish my own book

Q – uit procrastinating.

R – ead more books.

S – ee Santa Claus! Impossible? ……..Okay, how about skinny-dipping??  Or stargazing?!


T – ake my mom on the vacation of her dreams.

U – nleash my hidden potential.

V – isit the top 10 tourist spots

W – atch fireworks at Disneyland/Disney World; watch my favorite boyband in concert; watch Adele live

X – Can I skip this? Pretty please? ………………………….Thanks 🙂

Y- ell at the top of the mountain. YOLO!

Z – iplining


What’s yours? I’d love to see how it goes for you and for me. Good luck!




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