Cute & Creepy Eats

So it’s that time of the year again! Amidst all the Halloween parties here and there, I have decided to gather some leftovers from the fridge. There were some pieces of hotdogs and marshmallows from the previous birthday bash.

Popular finger food – hotdog & marshie on stick

Those were very popular among children. Now recently, while checking out some foodie blogs, I came across some fanciful desserts that are especially made during Halloween. I thought of giving it a try, considering the ingredients are all available within my reach.

First thing I tried was the cheesy fingers. It’s pretty simple! Just fry the dogs and cut a little in the midsection. I chose to put a slice of cheese to serve as the fingernail. Use ketchup as paste and dip.



Second I did was the eyeball marhsmallows. I bought a pack of smarties for toppings and ketchup once again for the bloody drops.


And here’s how it looked like.

Again, these are all finger foods and can easily be consumed. I think this is perfect for Halloween home parties. Do you have any other flavorful ideas? Share ’em!


Learning Japanese… the hard way

It’s been quite a while! I have been busy with extra-curriculars lately, that’s why. One thing I was working on was learning a new language: Nihonggo. And yes, I am an uber-beginner, like close to zero. Fortunately, there are tons of sites online for me to learn from. Honestly, I did have a hard time looking for the best, until my good friend recommended https://www.japanesepod101.comI checked it out, and found a lot of useful tools.


I am currently done with at least 10 lessons out of 60 per season/module. And there are 9 modules each for absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. So imagine how long it would take to finish each. But after listening (or watching, if you prefer) to one audio lesson, I realized it’s not bad. Actually, it’s stuffed with all the relevant phrases one would need to survive daily activities. I am impressed. I continued and went along with the flow of the routine. I cannot say I am conversant yet (way too early for that) but I am definitely getting the hang of it. More practice, for sure, and I’d be better.

Is anyone else learning a new language now? Care to share handy tips & tricks? I’m all for it.

IS IT ??!!??


Vol. 3

October’s here! How are you feeling guys? Christmas is just around the corner and decors are everywhere. least here in my country. We celebrate pretty early. We like it festive and big.

Anyhow, I want to start the month right. So let’s get this up and running, shall we??



pointers for driving a car. Yep, I am learning how to drive.



this post


to Closer by Chainsmokers. Totally love the vibe!


of what to grab for lunch. Suddenly craved for KFC’s fried chicken.



the strong perfume scent of my neighbor


that my driving test will be successful. It’s a few weeks away though, but I started reviewing as early as now. Wish me luck!


that October will be easygoing and less stressful.



our company shirt and shorts. It’s dress-down day.


to buy jeans and jeans. It’s been long since I upgraded my closet. Season sale please come…..!


a great massage. And a check-up to the dentist.


awesome. Just one more day!… and it’s (my) rest days again! Yay 🙂



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