Cute & Creepy Eats

So it’s that time of the year again! Amidst all the Halloween parties here and there, I have decided to gather some leftovers from the fridge. There were some pieces of hotdogs and marshmallows from the previous birthday bash.

Popular finger food – hotdog & marshie on stick

Those were very popular among children. Now recently, while checking out some foodie blogs, I came across some fanciful desserts that are especially made during Halloween. I thought of giving it a try, considering the ingredients are all available within my reach.

First thing I tried was the cheesy fingers. It’s pretty simple! Just fry the dogs and cut a little in the midsection. I chose to put a slice of cheese to serve as the fingernail. Use ketchup as paste and dip.



Second I did was the eyeball marhsmallows. I bought a pack of smarties for toppings and ketchup once again for the bloody drops.


And here’s how it looked like.

Again, these are all finger foods and can easily be consumed. I think this is perfect for Halloween home parties. Do you have any other flavorful ideas? Share ’em!


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