End-of-the-Year party costume

One more week.

December 19th is fast approaching. And everyone’s been busy preparing for decorations, food, invites, presentations, and of course — costumes!

Our theme for this year’s party is …fantasy! It was supposed to be cosplay (costume play) but some disagreed due to costs. So yes, it was decided.

I eagerly scoured online for possible characters to play. I wanted something easy to find, cheap and instantly recognizable. It’s worth noting that Mickey Mouse is my favorite character. But I can’t play him (because he’s male?). So I chose his ‘wife’ Minnie instead!

Initially, I really wanted this:


But then I realized it’s hard to find. And friends were telling me to customize instead by using home-made materials. Maybe this would suffice?



That’s not me in the picture, by the way. I just wanted you to have an idea of what I will be wearing. What do you think? YAY or NAY?